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Online Pharmacies: A deal too good to be true?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

As more and more people begin to look online for everyday shopping, many are also drawn to the convenience of the internet when it comes to shopping for their pets. Online pharmacies often advertise convenience, free shipping, and low, low prices. But are online pharmacies a deal too good to be true?

Although claims such as free shipping and low prices are advantages of shopping online for veterinary products, there are other values that you may miss out on such as manufacturer guarantees and rebates.  One way to get all of the advantages of shopping online as well as the quality and customer service of your veterinarian’s office is to shop at your veterinarian’s own online pharmacy.   

At Eastgate Animal Clinic, we have an online pharmacy that ships directly from the manufacturers. This ensures proper handling of the best products on the market and keeps the drug’s manufacturer guarantee intact. We are also able to apply rebates and other special offers to these purchases, as well. You can check out our online pharmacy under the “veterinary services” headline.

Dr. Robin Crider